99 wr400f bog, carb jetting help

so i just picked up a 99 wr400 and after finally getting it kicked over and warmed up its got a bad bog off idle when i blip the throttle. i know you cant tell me much without tearing into the carb, but its got an uncorked stock pipe and high flow de-snorkeled airbox. im at sea level and temps are around 75F. idles fine and if the throttle is smoothly applied it pulls fine but blipped near idle it bogs bad. thanks guys

most probably your accelerator pump do a search in this forum for taffy mod:thumbsup:

I had the same bike with a YZ muffler and YZ-spec jetting, uncorked airbox and the cut throttle stop. It was a rocket ship, even with stock cam timing.

taffy mod researched, i'll try it tonight. thanks

also make sure the AP diaphram is CLEAN

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