Cam Chain Help-07 yz450

It appears that my exhaust jumped one tooth. I have read many posts but Here is what I noticed:

The cam chain loosens and tightens as i advance with the kick starter. When its loose, I can lift the chain off the gear slightly. When its tight, I cant lift the chain at all from the gear.

Should i replace the tensioner and/or the chain? Bike has 120 hours.

Does anyone have detailed instructions on replacing the chain?



Your chain might be in need of replacement. I'd do it even if I suspected it. The OEM chains are relatively inexpensive. Check the chain tensioner while you're at it.

Replace them both. The two of them are less than $60.

Any suggestions on a particular one? Are there aftermarket (i.e better) ones or should I just buy an O.E.M one? Thanks

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