Timing Chain OEM or Aftermarket

Need to replace chain. Rockymountain has one by Pro-x

I want OEM but Bikebandit says they will ship in 3 - 5 days....not good enough, i need to fix this weekend

Any suggestions

see if the oem has the Borg warner stamp on it.

The ProX chains are good. I can't say they're better than O.E.M. but I can tell you they are at least as good.

OEM is less expensive than the aftermarket chains I looked at, so that's what I have in my bike. You should be able to find a dealer with one, as the same chain fits many models.

I think either would be fine but I have found www.cyclepartswarehouse.com is about 20% cheaper on everything compared to bike bandit. I haven't had any problems with them yet but shipping is slow like bike bandit

... the same chain fits many models.

I don't think you're going to find that to be true.

Well, it fits 'several', then....not knowing what model he has, specifically, I can say that I know that the chain for any YZ250F will fit ALL YZ250F and WR250F models from 2001-2009, and the chain for any 400 or 426 model is the same for all years of 400 and 426 models, so any chain for any model will probably fit more than one year and model.

There's gotta be a dealer in his area that has one in stock.

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