Some tech info for a newby

New to a thumper but enjoying every minute of it. Got a WR 400 2000X, for road lanes and track. Need an mot in Nov and will need horn and a brake light. Horn no worries, but bike seems to be wired for brake light, inc double fillament bulb. I can't see any switches, should I buy in line pressure switches to replace bonjo bolts and wire up to them? or should the bike allready have them?

No they are added after and theres more work than you think for it to pass a MOT in uk.

If you dont have proper "E" type approved lights then you can cover them with tape and they pass.

UK laws are so strange..

Also if the bike is made after 1985 then it is supposed to have a brake light switch on both front and rear, but my wr450f which is now supposed to be 100% road legal only has a switch on rear brake.. go figure.

Hope this helps.. :)

Cheers Paul,

I shall order a couple of pressure switches and get some insulting tape on the head light! lol :):D

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