Which fork seals for 2001 YZ426?

Remember that normal clearances in the bushings are less than .003". ANY oil seal of the type used in a fork can easily cover 3 times that without leaking, even the low drag seals used in the production of the '06-'07 models.

Get the 05 seals.

Get the 05 seals.
The OP has an '01 426, which has 46mm forks. I don't think the 48mm seals from an '04+ model are going to work very well.

The '05 seal is listed as 1C3-23145-L0-00, and that seal was a tighter fitting seal that I used to use in '06's as well. But you may find in actually trying to buy them that they change up to the 1C3-23145-M0-00, which is what happened last time I bought them.

The 1C3-23145-M0-00 '06 seal has been upgraded within or prior to the last couple of years, though, and are more like the older L0 seal now, and are a much better seal than they were.

But the best seals I know of for the 48mm KYB fork, regardless of type or year model, are the latest KYB seals. These may be the same ones currently sold by Yamaha, but I know for sure that SMART Performance carries them. With any reasonable maintenance, they don't leak.

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