04 yz450f woods riding

I just switch from a 426f with big bore, cams etc.. I picked up a 04 yz450f and hate riding it compared to my 426 in the woods. My 426 had a little more power especially low end. The 5 speed really made a difference too. I didn't realize the gearing was so different when I switched bikes. What are some easy things I can do to make it a little more rideable on the trails? I haven't done anything to it yet. What is a good gearing combination for the bike? I am 6'0" and about 205. I thought that adjusting to the 426 from a ktm 200exc was a lot. This is a much different change. The 450 has excel rims, excel tcr blue hubs, renthal fat bars, yosh exhaust, high comp piston, rg3 upper/lower triple clamps, asv clutch/brake levers.

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A flywheel weight is a good place to start. No idea on gearing suggestions, but I'd think somewhere around 14/52 would be a good place to start.

2nd the flywheel weight. I added a 6 ounce Dr. D weight, but if you ride strictly Woods, I'd probably go with an 8 oz. model. It really helps with keeping the bike from stalling in the tight stuff.

i got a +10oz steahly complete flywheel and its good, keeps bike from stalling

I rode my 04 with 14/47 gearing in the woods it was awesome pulled forever in 1st gear and really slowed down the typical wheel spin. Only thing that would have been better would be a FWW 8-10oz. heavier. It will mainly help with stalling.

or get a rekluse clutch

I don't have any problems stalling!

I didn't want to mess with the fww...... I still run a small Motocross series and was afraid of loosing some of the performance. I have an 09 450, I run the standard gearing. My suggestion is to revalve the suspension to a more woods friendly stack (takes away the harshness and allows the bike to soak up the smaller obstacles, rocks, etc that drain your energy) and install a Rekluse. Absolutley the best things to do IMO. The total cost is expensive but this stuff isnt cheap. You will not be sorry................

Thanks for all the good tips guys. I think I'm going to invest in a rekluse.

I didn't want to mess with the fww...... I still run a small Motocross series and was afraid of loosing some of the performance.
Although you make a good point regarding the suspension, it is a misconception that adding flywheel weight to a YZ450 will hamper its performance in any way. There simply isn't room to put so much weight on them that it becomes a detriment.

I used the heavier GYT-R "off-road" flywheel on my '06, and IMO, the bike should have just come with it in the first place. There is no downside to it at all, as tha bike is not at all noticeably slower or less quick, and runs side by side with my son's '06, which is otherwise identical. The only changes were an improvement in the low speed smoothness and power of the engine, and a reduced tendency to stall at low RPM.

And the flywheel IS relatively cheap.

I did some looking around for a flywheel weight or flywheel. Now I really don't know what to get. The offroad flywheel from gytr is not for an 04 model. I was looking at the Steahly site and they have anywhere from 7oz to 16 oz weights. What should I get? Should I get the whole flywheel or just a weight? I was kinda leaning towards the 10oz weight. What do you think? I'm about an intermediate woods rider. Actually I was probably alot better on my KTM 200exc, these 4 strokes are so fun but a challenge to learn. I like the challenge.

I think the 8 or 10 would work out well for you. If I remember correctly, Dr. D (Dubach racing), allows you to switch the weight you're using, for another as long as you pay the shipping charge, so if you get a 10 oz. and find it's not your cup o' tea, Dr. D will allow you to send the unit in, and they'll ship out a weight of your choosing. It's been a couple of years since I checked, but give them a look.


I run the Dubach 6 ounce, and I think it works well for the track and the woods. It doesn't slow the bike down any, but it does reduce wheelspin, helps with tight, slow, uphill trails where the bike might stall running just slightly above idle. I'd go with the 8 ounce for Woods. The heavier flywheel helps the engine "chug" at low RPM.

I've heard rumours of add-on weights coming loose, but that could be Urban legend....that's why I went with a full flywheel.:banghead:

Note that DRD does not make a unit heavier than +8. I used their +8 on my '03, however, and I was happy with it. Tight technical stuff was still never the bike's cup of tea.

i bought the +10 from steahly complete flywheel. Its a noticable change and i will be going for my first proper ride tomorrow

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