Spark Plug Wrench with New WR

Hi all,

I just pick up a new 09 WR450 and when they gave me the bike a got a spoke wrench with it. I was looking through the manuel and it sounds like there is a special spark plug wrench/socket. Should have that come with the bike, or do you have to buy that seperate? (Rather have the sparkplug wrench then spoke wrench:bonk:

Thanks should come with it. It's very handy.

Go back and get your plug wrench:ride:

The dealer should have several laying around, as there always ends up being an extra. I even have two or three myself.

you're gonna need it, as a std 1/2 drive spark plug socket won't fit down to the hole!

Went down and got it, thanks.

I just picked up my 09wr450 today and the plug tool came with it + it suprysed me it came with a full service manual one thing i dint get is the rear wheel bolt tool like hondas do. Paco

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