camshaft sprocket removal

anyone out there had cause to pull the above sprockets off the camshafts?

tight? how did you press them on again?

also does anyone KNOW if there is a difference between the YZ & WR base gasket.

i'm checking out the cam timing, duration, overlap etc.

can anyone find comprehensive duration, timing & lift figures for the stroker cams & those from the DRZ suzuki.

any help would be appreciated.


at the risk of talking to myself.

i checked all the durations & lift last night & have come to the conclussion that there may be a midrange boost available.

the exhaust cam appears to be very retarded, by as much as 7/8 degrees. i had my wr turned into a wz about a month ago & love the performance improvement. it doesn't jolt forward though when i hit the throttle which is what i want to work on.

the cam topped out at 101/102 degrees & i hope to try the change.

so, has anyone pulled the camwheel off the camshaft.

the wr base gasket micro'd at .020" (.5mm) now can someone tell me the YZ base gasket thickness.


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I've been watching for replies to your question about the cam sprockets as I am also curious about the press fit. I want to take the bike to a local shop that specializes in drag bikes and have them see if they can degree the cams like they did on my KLX.

I just checked my 426 service manual and it doesn't get detailed enough to give the thickness of the cylinder bas gasket. However, I have one on order from HSML and will measure it with a micrometer for you when it arrives.

For street bikes Falicon presses on mounts that have two threaded holes and then the gear bolts to that with slotted openings so that you can time it however you want. Don't know if they have an application for the 426 though, you'll have to ask them.....


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thanks greg.

e-mailed him (i think). a great picture of some red hot cranks @1550c. await your reply boit, cheers!



paid my money & ordered a pair of adjustable camwheels tonight. code is SA-Y 400 & $175.

it'll take a week to arrive the slow way as the post is so expensive $6!!!

i'll try it when i can say wo! (i.e. not a race meeting).

stroker have got no figures for the two cams-torque & performance-but are expecting them soon. with titanium valves for next year i would think that either set of cams would be safe. it will need a better cam to take real advantage of those lightweight poppets.

am i fed up though. i've given advice to dozen's of guy's & when I ask the 615 of you for the thickness of a base gasket to fit a YZ HOW MANY OF YOU HELP?



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