Vibranators - bar vibration reducing thingies

copy of an email I sent to ricorshocks regarding their vibranator handlebar vibration reducing thingies recently :

Hi Brian

Just a note to say how unhappy I am with the result of installing vibranators on my 06 (steel frame) wr450.

They made such a massive reduction in handlebar transmitted vibration (stock renthal bars) that my son (who previously could only ride the bike for about 10-20 minutes before his super sensitive hands went numb) wouldn't get off the bike and I am now stuck riding his bike. He is so much faster on my bike than I am - it is very discouraging.

We have fitted vibranators to a kdx200 and wr450 with excellent results and to a ktm 250sx with lesser but still worthwhile results.

Many thanks for an excellent product.

I put a set on a 08 Husky 510TE (the engine has no counter balance) and they helped with the numbing sensation. 2nd vote of confidence for this product.

Some of my desert racing buddies with hand issues swear by these.

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