Radiator shrouds and graphics

My shrouds and graphics are toast allready on my 2003 WR450. Dennis Kirk has reasonably priced Acerbis shrouds but the only graphics were by Ultra which I know nothing about. Does anyone know if 2003 YZ 450 shrouds are the same or if maybe YZ graphics will fit. I know in the past they were different but with the new tank mayyybeeee. Thanks Tim

The WR450 and the YZF450 have different shrouds for 2003. The only difference is that the lower mounting hole on the shroud that attaches to the tank is an inch different on the bikes. The graphics will still be the same though since they don't extend all the way down the strip of plastic that extends to the tank. If they do, then just trim them back a little.

I just had to get new shrouds for my 99WR400. I found them for $38 at powersportssupply.com I think they ship 2-day air standard. Great company to do business with. Don't know about the graphics.

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