426 exhaust vs 450 exhaust

I have an 01 YZ426 and would like to upgrade the exhaust system. I have thought about having Thunder Alley located in Hanford,Ca build one for me untill my friend mentioned something interesting to me. He was telling me his other friend who also has a 426, used a 450 exhaust system on his 426. I can see why he did it, exhaust systems for 426s are hard to come by. But if this is possible, what years would work on my 01? Also, what exhaust system types are popular on fellow TTers bikes? Thanks

I got a 07 rmz 450 megabomb and factory 4.1 on my 400, Sumbody else tried a 06 yz450f on there 426 and it bolted up perfect on theres

I had a 98 YZ400F and a 2000 YZ426F. I ran stock YZ400F systems on both with excellent results.

If it runs well, why would you want to 'upgrade' on such an old bike?

i had a DEP S7 system kicking about in the garage!! fitted upon my buddies 01 426 with slight mods, as in just needed a tap on mid pipe to give bit more clearence to frame... sweet increase in power.. real smooth... and 94db

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