I'm in love with another lady...

Oh come on now you guys! I don't mean another WOMEN! Maybe I need to make myself more clear (I knew I'd get you with that title).

I had the opportunity to ride Ron's new Yamaha WR250F this weekend. It wasn't love at first sight. When I got out of the parking lot at PMI in Pueblo and twisted the throttle, I certainly didn't feel any power compared to my 1999 WR400 with YZ timing. I thought to myself, 'Self, how can anyone ride a bike without any power?'.

I then got to a twisty sandy trail and stopped. I thought, 'Self, you know this bike is supposed to rev to the moon, so let's see what she'll do'.

The thing about the WR250F is that you have to ride it like a two stroke. When my WR400 stops getting with it and it's time to shift, that's when the WR250F is in the money baby!

I started riding the bike one gear lower than I would with my WR400. I shifted from 3rd to 2nd gear and hit the gas. That little engine can flat out get with it! The front tire started lifting off the ground in 2nd gear and I'll bet it can damn well about do it in 3rd gear.

And the handling, oh the handling. And weight (or lack of). This is a bike that wants to dive into a corner, lay down, grab all the gas and clutch, and flat out get with it. I could toss it around like it was a mountain bike.


Now I want one.

Sure it doesn't have the raw flat out, head snapping power of the WR400 or WR426. But now I can't see racing my WR400 in any enduros after riding this WR250.

However, I think my 400 will still be more fun in Moab type terrain.

I feel like I've cheated on my WR400. Now it feels fast, but heavy and slow handling.

Maybe I need both? Too bad I can't get one this year eh?


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I've been waiting for a comparison, with a bigger guy at the helm. I still think I may be to large, but it does seem like the ultimate woods weapon, especially out east.

How do you think the little one would do on a steep, slippery uphill, after a tight turn. Would it be too much of a screamer, or does it offer enough tractbility and torque to make it up?



97 KDX220, 86 TTR225, 99 WR400f, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. De-octopussed. Works frame guards and Thumper Rad Guards, Scotts steering damper. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards. YZ stock tank, IMS seat and number plate. Renthal Jimmy Button "highs" and Renthal Soft half waffle grips. AMA, SETRA, Happy Ramblers MXC.

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I don't think the doctor prescribed this kind of activity in your rehabilitation program .... :) .

Big Guys Like It, Too!

I had my first introductions in Grand Junction a week ago. Man, What a Blast! :)

As some of you know, I tip the scales more than most (more than about 99% of you :D ). That little thumper had plenty of pull for me. I was riding Dave Anjos’s machine with stock springs and only minimal suspension work. It was just so much fun. I could easily kick the thing in the air and turn on a dime. I can almost go with Bryan’s comment about the enduros. It felt like you could ride the thing all day without getting tired. But, my weight would probably disintegrate that clutch at race speed.

I also have to agree about those lower gears. 1st is just about worthless with my weight on it. Sure it would be nice if you really have to tiptoe through something, but for normal trail riding I figure it’s geared 4-up.

We were riding yesterday in this tight gully (bottom of a six-foot twisty ditch) yesterday and I was really trying to stay in the rev’s. (Sorry Ron, I know you just changed that oil) Anyway, it was moving me plenty fast. I was on the brakes tons more than I would have been on my scooter. You’d get used to that real quick and smooth things out to be faster without the effort.

This machine should out-sell the 426’s 2 to 1 for trail riders.

Bryan, Your evaluation of these two bikes surprizes me, my brother just bought one, we went out riding and I got to ride it alot, im talking back and forth, back and forth. I didnt get the sensation that you speak of, I would gas the little thing and nothing, then I remembered being told to ride it like a 2 stroke, not much then the rev limiter kicked in..... every time I got back on my WR426 I almost looped it everytime. Yes the 250's light but man I need more power and in my opinion it just doesnt work for me. Guys like Taffy will claim its because im an American and we all think more is better. I think the harder you ride the 426 the more is responds, it makes you come up to its level, plus what a pain in the ass riding the bike in the high RPM's on trails on the 250. I would love to have a lighter bike for sure, but I wont sacrafice ponys for pounds. BTW, im 5'8 160lbs.

PS. Bryan, What kind of pipe was on the 250? Could you ask you friend what kind of jetting he had? Thanks, Dan

Hey Danno!

I'm guessing the WR250F had stock jetting at 4500 feet. It had the stock pipe with the baffle removed and was as loud as a WR400.

Many of the trails we ride in Colorado are tight and rocky. I love the power of the WR400/426 also. But the fact is that much of that power isn't usable on many of our trails. I often wack open the throttle just to feel the rush of power just for fun only to have to cut the power quickly and slam on the brakes for the next turn. I've been on trails often were I NEVER open the bike up all day long because it's so tight. The tight twisty trails are all about momentum and handling. I figure if I ride this bike one gear down from my WR400, it would be in the power band and the horses would be just fine and well worth the weight difference.

I would be concerned though about their being enough power to crawl over nasty technical sections without constantly having to ride the clutch. It didn't seem to have any power down low.

Would I trade in power for 28 pounds less weight and better handling? In tight terrain and/or in enduro's, HELL YES!

In Moab or Grand Junction or in the desert, HELL NO!

That's why I need both bikes (yeah, like that's going to happen).


I think the WR250 is a very nice bike. And, with a good after market pipe you can get an extra 4 ponies out of it. I agree with Bryan that in tight and rocky trails you can't use all the power of the 400 but wait until that trail empties into a fire road which sooner or later it always does then move out of the way so the guy on the 400/426 doesn't run you over. With all my gear on I'm probably 230lbs else I would consider one myself. :)

Huge's turn to ride the little 250...you probably know where this is going but your WRONG... this yz250f with a dsp airbox and stock yamie exhaust flat got with the program :) I was riding it at a small motocross track 3acre with doubles and stadium whoops first lap out i hit all the doubles and cleared them no problem. This bike had plenty of snap in the mid to top a little low of bottom though. WOW did this thing handle, total confidence inspiring bike to ride in flat turns or bermed corners.I can't wait until i get a chance to ride it again. You definately have to be in the right gear all the time but for the lack of weight it is worth it. Hopefully one of the aftermarket companies will come out with a 320 kit for it if that happens LOOK OUT!!!


Huge, would you replace your 426 with one or have one of each?

YES.and YES. Honestly i'd have to ride one on the trails we ride to see if it could keep

up. Why can't we have our cake and eat it too? The power of the 426 with the handling of the 250. I guess under powered bikes seem to handle better than those with lots of power on tap. Sure was fun for a change. Maybe thats why the ktm 300 is such a big seller in the vet market.

good debate,huge

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