Best Desert Tire

I ride deserts mostly, which ranges from hard packed surfaces to thick sand. What is the best overall tire for this?? I guess my priority would be a tire that would "skate" the least on the hard pack. Thanks for opinions.


Dunlop 739 AT is my choice. Stiff and very heavy, but almost flat proof. Good on hard pack, tough enough for many miles of sharp rocks, but not bad in deep sand.

I am using a Bridgestone M602 with great results. Most of the guys in my club are running Maxxis ITs with great results also. I just changed the stock front to a Maxxis, great improvement but the Dunlop was worn. I have 5 desert races under my belt now, the difference a tire makes is a big one. Before the usualls chime in S,M-12s don't hold up too well in my area (chunk and wear very fast).

I ride a bunch in the desert east of San Diego, pretty similar to what you experience in Ridgecrest, and I have to "second" what Hick says :). With the combination of hardpack, sharp rock, cacti, and deep sand washes (with an occasional run to Glamis sand dunes :D) the Dunlop 739AT really seems to be the best overall tire for the variety of conditions we experience in the desert. In addition, they last a pretty long time!!


We gotta get you on some real tires, my man!

I went from the stock D739's (average grip, very little chunking, decent wear) to D756's (excellent grip, no chunking, less than average life). The 756 front was awesome for performance. 756 Rear wants to skate on hardpack, but works great in deep sand.

Then I tried Maxxis IT's. These perform like D756, but no skate on hardpack, no chunking, and wear like iron. They are a little less money than Dunlops, but every bit as good IMHO.

Try some of these and then tell me you don't rule your 'hood down there in TX.


Do you guys recommend the 739AT for front and back??



We gotta get you on some real tires, my man! I went from the stock D739's (average grip, very little chunking, decent wear) to D756's...

No no no no no. :D

Not a 739. A 739 AT. Totally different animal, although it does share the same tread design.

For a rear tire it is passable in sand. The main benefit is its durability. Any good sand tire is going to get cooked in a long desert race. The 756 may be an exception, I would be tempted to run it in a race, but I'll stick with the tried and true, and almost flat-proof, Dunlop AT. :)

Hi I'm just comming from a 600miles desert rally down here wher you have hard pack, rocks, salt rocks, sand, and what we call "chusca" wich is a thinn layer of hard packed sand and lots of powder below very hard to drive.

I used D707 and they ended the race in very good conditions, I mean I'll use them for the next 2 month for weekend riding

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