XR650R Springs/Handle Bars

Got a couple of questions about my bike.

1. Suspension - need heavier springs (I'm 6'4" 265). Should I just look at a chart with the weight to determine spring rate?

2. Handle Bars - thinking protaper hi woods. Am looking to get a little more room.

3. Foot Pegs - are any available that might give me a little more room?

4. Tires - I ride in georgia woods/sometimes very muddy. any recommendations.


I went with the CR-Hi bend protapers. With the Scotts top clamp you can move the bar forward as well. Mine are centered over the forks.

Get a fat 140-80x18 S-12. That is a good tire and last a long time even on an XR650.

im about the same size as you. i went with .46 in the fork and 11.5 for the shock. seems to work well. :)

IMS make some great wide pegs - Pro Series? - I kept mine from my 250 when I sold it. They are an exact match except when they fold, one tooth contacts the frame. I discovered that afterward. No big deal, grabbed the grinder, took an 1/8 inch off. :)

IMS make some great wide pegs - Pro Series?

These are my favorites (IMS Pro Pegs) and one of the best mods I've done.

I am 6'4" 285lbs no gear Fineline did my suspension they used .49 for the fork and 12 for the shock and it rides like a cadilac

Thumper racing makes bar risers that push the bars foward and up an inch and a half thats what i have with jimmy button bend renthals you can see them on baja designs website


I agree with JWS,

I am 6'4", 235lb and I went a little heavy from what the Race Tech web site suggested and went with the .49 front and 12.0 rear. Best $200 I have spent on the bike. I am still fiddling with the clickers to see if I can get it any better before I lay down the cash for a re-valve.

Heavy springs like that for a big guy like you will raise the bike up in the travel and allow the valving more time to slow down the hits before you bottom and crack open the earth.

Just my $.02 after a thousand miles of giggles after I swapped springs.

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