auto decomp for wr 400

Does anyone know if the '03 Yz250F cam will work in the WR 400/426? Is the cam sprocket the same size, I have heard that Yamaha did not downsize the head on the 250s. I want autodecomp, but would like to do without the accelerated wear on the cam chain and related parts. Any info would be great.

There are several of us 400 and 426 guys who have stuffed the '03 YZ cam in our bikes. Having done so with a risk of catastrophic engine failure...

Has not happened yet, they are all running really well (Man, it is SWEET to kick our bikes like a 2-smoke) but it still is a risk. Check out the posts at the top of the page, and read up. Plenty of info to base your personal decision on.

Good luck!

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