2001 WR426 Cold Weather Start

I have a 2001 WR426 that I haven't ridden in 2-3 weeks. It has been really cold the last 2 weeks, 0-20 degree F highs. I went out this evening just to try to start it and I didn't have any luck. It was about 28 degrees F. I got it to fire once or twice but it died right away. I am familiar with the starting procedure, decomp lever, etc. Every other time I tried to start the bike it went on 2-4 kicks. Is this bike really hard to start when its cold out?

Is there a trick to starting this bike in the cold? Or just kick the crap out of it til it goes?

I twist the throttle on mine 2-3 times then kick it over with the choke on starts fairly well

Tilt the bike over untill gas comes out the carb overflow tubes. May need a squirt or two of throttle as well if it's really cold.

She'll fire right up :banghead:

A little ether (starting fluid) does the trick for me on a really cold morning start.

I started mine after it had been sitting under the deck for 5 weeks, and it was roughly -10°F (about -25°C). I put a little utility hear (the tiny little hardware store special, with the coily element and little fan in it) on the left footpeg and let it blow warmer air onto the case and after about an hour it started with 2-3 kicks at full throttle HOLDING THE DECOMP LEVER then pulling the choke on and kicking it twice with the throttle closed... it started, idle rough for a moment then smoothed out. Would run without the choke after about 60-90 seconds...

Sometimes It *might* help to turn the choke off then kick it. Even though I know the choke chokes the airflow so more gas can be ignited. It's helped me on some cold nights. I'd turn the choke back on if it didn't do anything afterwards though. Some a little variation sometimes helps.

I tilted the bike over till gas came out of the carb overflow, turned the choke on, and it started with 2-3 kicks. Thanks a lot for the info guys.

Mine hasn't run in three weeks and I had to start it this morning to load it into the trailer. I was 25 degrees outside. It seems like when it's below freezing the choke doesn't dump in enough fuel so you have to add more some other way, either overflowing the bowl or activating the accelerator pump a few times. I had to pump the trottle three times and then it started.

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