426 Kick starter slapped me a good one

We went riding a couple of days ago. I went to start my 426 with a wet boot (Tech 3...has little heel), and it slapped me HARD on the back of my calf. I felt like I'd just been shot. I've been hobbling around since with a pretty good bruise. My question is, is there any reliable way you can make the surface of the kick starter grippier?

some people put a few hose clamps (bolt side up) on the kick starter for grip

Ive had that happen to me without boots on, oh the pain...

Dont really know of anything to make it grip better..Ive seen something similar to what was posted above but they all look very ghetto

:worthy::banghead::lol::cheers::ride: happens to us all.

I guess I have been fortunate to not have the leg slap yet. Now that I said that, I will probably get whats coming to me.

I'm thinking of epoxying a stainless steel sleeve on it with welded on and ground points. If it slaps me then, I wouldn't forget it for a while.

:worthy::banghead::lol::cheers::ride: happens to us all.

yes it does.... limped for a while..

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