New 450-slow but cool

My first thread. Forgive me if I seem nervous…..

I picked up my WR450 from the dealer last night – finally. I only had a chance to ride it in the lot before I loaded it up. Having sold my XR650 and remembering how that felt, the WR seemed very slow in stock form. I look forward to uncorking it and applying the free mods.

I bike arrived at the dealer on Friday without the TSB completed. I was surprised that the work was not done, since the WR was supposed to be in “sometime in March”. I thought that Yamaha was holding back shipments to perform the TSB. Apparently not.

I have the following pieces to install:

Devol frame guards

• GYT-R baffle

• Devol radiator guards

Pro Moto Billet disk guard

• Utah Sport Cycle skid plate

• Pro-Taper bars – mid CR bend in black w/ Answer adaptor

Enduro Engineering bark busters with EE hand guards – all black

Twin Air filter x 2

• Yamaha hour meter

• Big handful of jets

• Childish/vulgar stickers – important :)

Any comments or suggestions before the work begins?

Thanks to all TT members for sharing info. I ordered this bike in January and with the help of TT, I know more about the 450 than most dealers.

Ride fast – take chances.


Make sure your wrap the lead wire for the Hour meter arount the COIL not the wires off the plug/coil. The directions are wrong. The coil looks like the spark plug cap on a two stroke.... :):D

My WR450 was pigish in stock form until I unplugged it, drilled some 1" holes in the air box and rejeted it. Now she runs real good. I suggest going with a YZF450 needle in the carb. It really helped mine out in the mid range.

Dave are you still running the YZ needle ? And are you running unplugged or with the insert. I put the YZ needle in but haven't had a chance to test run yet :)

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