01 YZ426F Trails

I recently bought a 2001 YZ426F and I've only rode it twice on logging roads. I've heard that the are not very good trail bikes and have many overheating problems. Should I sell it? if so what should I be looking at?

dont sell it modify it. It can be turned into a pretty good woods weapon with a few mods. is it mostly stock now?

Even a good stock 426 makes a good trail ride in my book. I have rode mine on tight single track, slow going stuff on 98 degree + days and have never overheated, not once. Just do a search on the forum and you will see what mods have been done to make the ride even better.

Yeah it is stock.

I have the 2000 model with 3.2 gallon acerbis tank, 13/51 gearing, and a Joe McGee radiator overflow bottle which really works. I have seen at most a quarter cup of radiator fluid in it after a long hard single track ride. The fluid, of course, gets sucked back into the radiator as the bike cools. No net fluid loss. The bike is awesome, good low end, good suspension. Some day I would love to afford a KTM 525, but until that day, 1300 bucks for the amount of fun this bike provides can't be beat.

how do you like the 13/51 gearing for the trails

I like it (13/51) a lot. I got a 12 for the front but haven't put it on. I didn't even know about using the clutch in tight or steep sections until recently, so thought I needed a super low first gear to crawl through the different sections. Now that I'm learning to use my clutch, I'm leaving it in second a lot and rarely even using first, let alone having to go to a 12 front.

In Nevada we ride High Rock desert and Canyon. There, I'll probably go with a 14 or 15 front but for Stonyford single track and hills, 13/51 is great. But to reiterate my first point, I really love the 426. When I try other guys'

CRF450Rs and x's, I can't wait to get back home on my 426! The KTM 525 is the only exception to that as its power delivery was amazingly smooth. On the 426 I also have a Steahly 14 oz flywheel weight that smooths the power out and makes it closer to the 525.

....I've heard that ....

Who'd you hear that from? My 2000 YZ426 was a fine trail bike in stock condition. I never lost a drop of coolant to overheating.

I had an '01 426 and rode the hell out of it on tight trails. Never once over heated. It can be made into a great trail bike with minimal effort. Soften the suspension, gear it down (I ran 13/51 btw and loved it) and add any guards you feel necessary and you're good to go. Now, your deffinition of tight trails maybe different than mine and if by chance you do have issues with over heating you can help by running a higher pressure rad cap and/or add a catch tank to recycle the fluid back into the system.

but until that day, 1300 bucks for the amount of fun this bike provides can't be beat.

You paid $1300 for yours, too? What a coincidence. :banghead:

I have a 2000 426 and I too had a problem with overheating in the real tight trails where i could not open it up. I would then get to a road to open it up for a bit to cool it down. However, I put Engine Ice in the bike and have not a problem since.

They are great trail bikes. Just make it trail friendly.

If it's in good condition mechanically (I didn't say cosmetically because all my Yamaha blue plastic looks 10 years old after 1 good crash) keep it!

Set the sag, change the oil, tighten the spokes, get the air filter clean and oiled, gear it down, slap some handguards on, dial in the suspension, make personal adjustments to the handlebars and all that jazz....and ride it til you outride the bike.

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