where is the grey wire on a wr 400

could anyone tell me how to do the grey wire mod on my wr 400? eg where abouts is it! and how easily identified it is.

i would also like to know as i cant find it under the tank or anywhere


I seem to remember that Non US 400's did not have a grey wire. I know my 99' Canadian WR400 did not have a grey wire, or a throttle stop:thumbsup:

I am just recollecting here and am not 100% positive.

It's around the harness by the top of the head on the trotthle side but I never notice a difference at all on mine

I had a '99, and didn't know anything about any 'gray wire' and never had any problem with power. It was a rocketship!

It didn't seem to help my 99 much, but at the time i had not removed the airbox lid or uncorked the pipe

Try here for more info


thanks for the advice, found the wire unplugged it and as you say i cant feel much difference in doing this mod either!..

Yeah told you so lol

Yeah told you so lol


I had another guy riding with me in a team hare scramble when my '99 was new. He'd never ridden a four-stroke before, and he was clearing all the doubles on the MX section of the course. He liked it so much, he bought a YZ426 the next year.

could anyone tell me how to do the grey wire mod....and how easily identified it is.

It's the grey one!:cheers:

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