Standard handle bar specifications


Does anyone know the spec of the standard handle bars on a 07 WR450 please, the bars are protaper. Does anyone know the height, angles, pull back etc.


There should be a code on the bars. Once you find that, go to pro taper's website and look it up.

The code is 1C3-90 on the handle bars and the code in the thumpertalk store is 1C3-26111-90-00 but the oem bars are $187!!!!!.

I cant find anything on the pro taper website, its a pretty useless website loads of flashy crap but no decent info!

Can anyone help with the bend specs please.

I looked on Pro Taper's website for that code. Look's like they have changed there numbers up since 2006/2007. Since that bike is an 07, the bars were probably for 2006. That was 3 to 4 years ago afterall.

I would email pro taper with that code or email Scott's Performance with the code. They know all that stuff about bars. Scott's is usually who I go to first for bar/clamp info/help. If you call Scott's, ask for "James". That dude is great and will go out of his way to help you.

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