yzf engine noise

i've just done the 450 cam mod on my 426 its all timed and torue'd up correctly and shims are in spec it started first kick but is making a ticking noise from the top end i have not removed the old decomp set up though because i do not have th plug yet, does anybody have any idea of what it can be thanks.

did you have the buckets out? If so did they slide back in ok? Did you coat them with oil?

yes sorry just checked it over again and made the mistake of looking at the wrong year for the shims in my manual thanks for the help i need to pay more attension

sorry Im confused, are you checking valve clearence with a feeler guage or just measuring the shims?

i used a feeler guage but i i was looking at the gap for a 2000 madel and mine is a 2002 ive just changed the shims again and its all fine now thanks foer the help

right on!

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