Lost fuel screw oring...what size is it?

I installed a zipty fuel screw and think I lost the oring. I found the washer that fell out but not the oring. It may still be in the carb but I couldnt get it to fall out if so. The fuel screw feels like it has good tension though. I need to know what size it is so I can try to find one tomorrow for my Sunday ride. Thanks.

Nevermind, I found the oring. It finally came out with the fuel screw after putting it in and taking it out 4 times.

I was going to say that in this situation, order another from Yami.

Yamaha has the spring, washer and O-ring each available separately, but they are not listed for the YZ450. Look them up for the WR450 or the YZF450 Quad.

The washer part number is 3TJ-14952-40

The Spring part number is 3TJ-14160-40

The "o" rind part number is 3TJ-14562-40

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