WR450 Countershaft seal leak

I have a 2003 WR450 that has developed a slight countershaft seal leak right behind the front sprocket. I was wanted to find out if this fix it from the outside job, or split the case type job. (I am afraid it is the latter...)



Thx for the info - This looks fairly easy.


Easy outside job. Read through this thread


And here's my tip

I found the trick is to first remove the seal than the collar just pops out if you hook a screwdriver behind it

Nice directions and photos, but he really is only doing half the job on both. Be sure to read all the discussion for the real deal.

On your countershaft, you will want to replace the inner collar and O-ring while you're at it...generally the collar gets pitted and grooved, wearing the seal and causing the leak in the first place. Luckily, not that much more work. Be careful not to push the seal in too far. Good luck!

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