Backordered at Yamaha! HELP!

We bought a basket case 2006 yz450f to put together for my son-in-law and we seem to be down to the last part we need to put it together and it is backordered at Yamaha. All of the salvage dealers I could find seem to sell the transmission whole and don't want to separate them for obvious reasons. Hopefully someone on here will know of one that has a bad transmission that got parted out. any help woulth leads would be appreciated. The part number is 90387-20028-00


TT Store has it for $7.25. Well when I checked it out nothing flashed in my face about any back orders. Try giving them a call.

That would be so great if it worked! We have had two sources tell us they could get it from Yamaha and when they request it Yamaha tells them it is back ordered So I'm afraid that will happen with the TT store.

It isn't normally stocked because it isn't a common part to need and I'm thinking they all have to go back to The Yamaha warehouse and get the same answer. If that is not correct I'm willing to keep going until I find it.

I just realized I have this in the WR forum instead of the YZ one but the 07 and later wr trans uses the same part we need.

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