TT Rites of Spring XV Trail Tour in Michigan

Just was wondering if anyone here will be going to the TT Rites of Spring XV Trail Tour this week end. It will be a fun time!! :D:)

I'll be there. i'm meeting my nephew up there. im riding with him on sat. and a buddy is coming up on sunday.

look for a red 2002 chevy e-cab HD, with a red haulmark trailer , with windows....thats me. :)

Sounds good, we will be up Friday night. My friend’s cousin owns 50 acres of property right next to the whiskey creek camp ground. The land use to be part of the camp ground until he bought it. It will be nice as we wound have 700 other people camping around us. :)

I'm going up Friday afternoon and should be there around 4:00 or so. I'll ride both days and hopefully my buddy on a KDX 2 smoke won't miss the cut-off for the long loop. Last year, getting lost and doing 110+ miles on Saturday was a little much for the first ride of the year.

My wife will be taking the adult novice class as she has never ridden a bike before. Hope she likes to ride, that way I won't feel as guilty taking off so much. I'm in a silver 2001 Dodge Ram sport 2wd, extended cab with a red t-shirt hanging from a tree.

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