Online Stores For GYTR Parts

Hi Guys,

I'm looking for some GYTR parts for my YZ450F like a billet clutch cover, enduro type skid plate etc so looking for recommended online stores that sell those type of GYTR parts and who will also ship to the UK as we don't get many GYTR parts over here

Thanks in advance


Sometimes you are already where you need to be.


If you can't find what you are looking for online - Shoot us an email and we'll find it for you. It impossible to list everything we carry online, but odds are if its out there we can get it.

Also if the shipping charges seem high, especially if you are ordering oem parts. Make a note in the public notes section and we will take a look and adjust it correctly for you - and send it back to you for approval. Sometimes the weights are wrong in our system and we have to manually adjust them to get you a correct estimate. But don't fret.... we only charge you what it costs us to ship it to you when your order is ready to go.

Thanks Valerie, i did look in the TT store but couldn't find any GYTR parts

Thanks Valerie, i did look in the TT store but couldn't find any GYTR parts

That doesn't mean they can't get it for you. Drop them a line. You might have to look up the part number from the Yamaha site and then put the part number in on the site.


Order from Alpha Motorsports in Rock Hill. You must call them and their number is on their web site. Also you must ask for Gregg Rylee and say you heard about it from Wes Woodin. He will give you absolute best price. It's where I buy all of my stuff. Just my opinion. Good luck

I am not sure if they ship to the UK. I have used them and the service was good.

i had a look at few these shops really wanted the gytr radiator brace, and enduro bash plate for my 010, but they wanted 260 to ship to austalia, and said most is on back order, bugger........

what method are they shipping? ups or usps or some other carrier? also is that 260 usd or austalia money? usps has flat rate boxs that are under $75 usa dollars.

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