05 yz 450 oil filter screen????

Hello All,

I have a 05 450 with 80+ hours on it and I change the oil all the time, every ride a oil change and every 3 rides a oil and filter change. Recently I was talking to some guys regarding my YFZ 450(Quad) and they mentioned cleaning the oil filter screen...I never did this till about a week ago. Wow was it nasty! After cleaning it I though that my bike has to have something like this too being they are almost the same engine. Well it does, how many of you with steel frame bikes clean/check this and how often do you do it...I now know that the manual says to do it every 40hrs but its a pain in the a** to do it.

How oftern do you change them and how dirty have you seen them in past.

I took the one out of the bottom of the front frame downtube on my 426 after about five years; I could have not bothered, as there wasn't a speck in it.

It depends on which "screen" you are talking about. If you mean the one in the frame down tube where the feed line connects, it really only needs to be inspected when there has been some sort of event, like an engine failure and/or repair.

If you mean the oil filter in the right case cover, next to the water pump, that should be replaced AT LEAST every second oil change. If it actually is a metallic mesh screen, you need to determine whether it's brass or stainless steel. Stainless mesh elements can be cleaned and reused. Brass ones should be discarded and replaced with a "paper" filter or a high quality stainless mesh filter.

I use a Scotts SS mesh filter, and clean it with every oil change.

I checked the one near the drain tube on my first oil change with my 'new to me' 05 450. Not a spec in it so i wont check that again unless there is an event happen like gray said

would you consider a new clutch "something" ???

It shouldn't be, no.

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