clutch problems

i just put a new inner hub and pressure plate with a new clutch in my 06 450 the problem is the clutch wont disengage until the lever hit the grip i was wondering if i need to adjust the plunger thrust washer with a thicker washer because i dont know what else it could be any help would be great also stator has burned out twice dont know why maybe a problem with that year bike and no matter how rich i make the main jet the plug is white like i just put a new plug in it any help with any of these problems would be awesome:banghead:

Ride the bike for a couple of hours and see if the clutch doesn't get better on its own. Brand new clutches have a tendency to drag a bit until "burned in", especially most of the lower cost aftermarket plate sets.

Your spark plug will always look white if you use unleaded fuel. And of course, the main jet only affects wider throttle openings, so if the idle is lean, the main won't affect that. Read the jetting guide in Common Threads.

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