Suspension for 2010 YZ450

So I'm pretty much set on buying the 2010 YZ450.

Problem is, I cannot find any supplier of suspension parts for this model year. I've checked Eibach, Race Tech, even Yamaha and have Googled 'til the cows come home anything suspension related to YZ's. No joy for the '2010 model.

I will need to uprate the springs as I am 6'4' and 240 lbs w/o gear.

Can anyone help me find a supplier ?

Any pointers will be much appreciated.

I would just call Race Tech or any other spring company they prob have them just not on their websites yet.

There is a thread on this in the suspension forum. I think there are a couple 09 models that use the same springs.

The 2010 has slightly more front suspension travel than previous years. I don't know if this means the springs are different. Any suspension shop should be able to steer you in the right direction. Besides having a bit more travel and most likely different valving I doubt the 2010 fork is much different than 2009.

If you give Dave Johnson a call at SMART Performance, he'll have what you need.

If your looking to get it set up I know MX1 suspension has been testing on there 2010 quite a bit and is finalizing their specs right now. When you get your bike I would strongly suggest giving them a call I know a few people who ride with their yamaha stuff and say there is nothing better. check em out here

Wow! Thanks Guys, I really appreciate the pointers...I'll check them out later.


Tonson what springs did you use in the 09', I am the same weight as you and will be getting an 09'

+1 on Dave Johnson at

I can verify wheels7 commnets about MX1 working on this setup. I know the person that is doing their testing. I have been at Hangtown twice while they test. As of a week ago they had made good progress. The test rider has done work for another local business and I have used his results on Hondas. When the time comes to get an '10, I will talk with my friend to assess the final outcome, and am confident that I will like it.

call racetech and ask for AJ say ricky sent you they have my bike for testing.

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