Spacer for odometer gear?

Does anyone know of a good spacer or good method to remove the odometer gear from an 02' Wr426? It looks like to me the stock yz spacer and seal will not work on the 02' WR. Anyone know for sure? Any input would be appreciated.

I have been using the stock YZ seal and spacer on my 02WR250 and now my 03WR450. It doesn't press in as good as the prior years did, but I just packed the bearings really good with waterproof grease. I have thousands of miles on my bike with no problems whatsoever.

Leave the spacer on and use a rubber cap over the hole. Shouldn't cost any more than a quarter for that.

I was gonna suggest Flatland spacers too, but I was just too lazy to look it up. :D:)

Flatland makes some good stuff but $35 for a wheel spacer?? Wow.

Flatland makes some good stuff but $35 for a wheel spacer?? Wow.

One of those things thats not a necessity, but looks damn cool. :) Kinda like carbon fiber.

I've been looking but can't find a 12mm acorn nut anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find one or a rubber cap ?? :)

You try the local hardware store.

I use the cap from a tube. I tried the toothpaste tube caps but found an old tube of liquid aluminum and the cap fit perfectly.

4 motos and going strong. :)

great news..I just got off the phone with Barnum's pro and they will have an anodized blue spacer within the next week for about 25-28.00 Give them a call at (760)868-8097 and they will call you when they get in!


Live well....ride free :)

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