Front Brake adjustment

Does anyone know how to adjust the brake? I am trying to get my controls set up so I can drag the front and have a larger margin of movement with the brake

The manual is not giving me much info.

On my 08 450, I would like to be able to pull the lever to my knuckles (with that being the highest level of stoppage.)


What do you mean by 'adjust the brake'? Do mean the angle of the lever? I believe the lever has an adjustable set screw that allows for a longer or shorter reach, doesn't it?


Just loosen the lock nut and turn the screw in or out to set the preferred reach length.

There is no adjustment on disc brakes; they self adjust. However, the reach of the lever is adjustable via the screw within the lever assembly itself, so you can set it up more or less the way you like it.

U R corect. There is an 'throw' adjustment screw and nut on the handle. Pull back the rubber cover and u will see it. I think u need an 8mm and 10mm.

ok thanks

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