07 wr 450

I have an 07 WR 450 that had a starter go bad. The windings are coming apart inside and causing the starter to drag real bad. Anyone else have this problem? The local shop say they have never seen this before. Not real cheap to replace.

Yes it happened to my friend within the first year of ownership. It's not often but it is a documented failure.

I had the same problem on my 07 WR. Turns out that the windings on the started had some undone and shorted out some of my electrical components. After replacing the started and testing it a couple of times we thought we had it dialed. But after the 3rd or 4th test on/off the started didn't want to stop cranking. Turns out that one of the diodes was fried and had to replace that.

Thanks for the feedback. Putting in the new starter today. Keeping my fingers crossed it didn't damage anything else.

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