Knee Braces, Asterisk vs Donjoy

Guys help me out here, I just ordered a pair of Asterisk knee braces, when I got them in the mail today I was`nt really excited when I looked them over and tried them on. I think they look kind of cheap for $549. I also thought they were kind of bulky in the hinge area. There were some pluses, they have a nice strap system across the back and they look cool. Have any of you seen or tried the Asterisk and Donjoy that can give me a unbiased opionion of the two of them side by side. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!

I cant comment on the Donjoy. But I had the same feeling when I got my Asterisks. I had to add padding to mine in spots and hated the fit at first but after all the adjustments and riding for months with them they are working very well and are comfortable to ride all day in them. They offer great crash protection as well. Custom fit CTi2 is the way most people are going for better fit then off the shelf. smashpc.gif

I am currently on my second set of DonJoy braces...The first set were custom...loved 'em...the set I wear know is an off then shelf set with the large knee/shin plastic cup. This off the shelf set is even more comfortable than the custom set...I've been wearing them for about 9 months now, can't seem to hurt them, or my knees/legs :)....Ron

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