Rear Brake Lever - Handle Bar mounted.

Is there such a product for a 02 WR426 Yet?

Revloc has kits available for other makes but not Yamaha, according to their website. I emailed them for more information.

I met Doug Drussel, Revloc owner, last month at the Rocky Mountain Off-Road Expo and inquired on the availability of a left hand brake for my Revloc WR450. Revloc's manual brake is still not available, but I struck a tentative deal with Doug to prototype a hydraulic left hand brake (Magura)for the WR. I want it to be completely hydraulic with a bar mounted master cylinder and steel-braided hose to the rear caliper (no side mounted lever or rear master). Doug saw it as hydraulic at the bar but manual assist at the rear brake lever (liability issue, don't change stock, have both lever and pedal as an option). I'm going to recontact him this week. What are your preferences ? All hydraulic or hydraulic/manual ? I'll let him know (market research).

I would love to have a rear handbrake for my 250F. I have the Revloc cable rear handbrake kit on my CRF and really like it. The downside is the cable doesn't perform as well as a hydraulic brake; it is very mushy with lots of travel to get stopping power. I hardly ever use the footbrake now, so I could live without it. I have had some close calls while doubling the whoops by accidentally hitting the rear footbrake so I would just rather not have the footlever.

But my guess is that I am in the minority on this.

I would prefer to have both levers. I think I would use the hand lever in very few situations I find myself in and continue to use the foot lever as the primary. However, never having ridden a bike with a handlebar mounted rear brake lever, my opinion could definitely change. :)

Thanks for the input. I find myself more often than not standing on the footpegs with the balls of my feet - a position not to well suited to finding, let alone actuating, the rear brake lever. If I could position and apply my left index finger on the brake during steep downhills that would be great.

This is all due to the fact that my 03' WR450 no longer has a manual decompression lever - something I really miss from my 02' WR426. For me it was the "jake brake" for slow, steep and technical downhills. The idea of a complete hydraulic left hand brake with the Revloc makes me all "tweeterpated".

I have to go find my wife now.....

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