Rain Flap? Really?

As I am perusing the owners manual for my new to me '01YZ, I noticed this;


In order to prevent water from entering the carburetor

while the motorcycle is operated in the

rain, attach the accessory flap 1 to the frame

at the rear of the fuel tank.

Really? I have never owned a bike that had a flap available for installation during the rain. Anybody use this flap or have had negative affects if not using it?

Thanks for your knowledge


All '03 and later models came with it installed. It's supposed to help prevent water from entering the air box by splashing up and back between the tank and seat.

I put 2 on mine, helps me relax a little when I go thur a huge puddle

Interesting... sounds like i better start looking for one on Ebay. Once I see a full picture maybe I can make one myself??

I wouldn't lose sleep over not having one. IIRC my 00 came with one installed, my 06 has one also.

it is pretty much just a rubber sheet going over the rear of the gas tank it shouldnt be that hard to make at home

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