Hey everyone...talked with my local HONDA dealer today...Looks like HONDA is jumping into the ring with full on FOUR-STROKE motocross machine for 2001.

According to the certified Honda mechanics, they tell me they are soon going into Honda school to learn about the NEVER BEFORE BEEN SEEN killer new HONDA 4 STROKE thumper engine....official details on cc displacement are being kept hush for now..but not for this machine is supposed to hit motocross tracks in full production for 2001, in a full on CR aluminum motocross holds barred here! The power is supposed to be unheard of!!

Oh, and apparently it weighs ONLY 8 pounds more than the 2001 CR250(which is lightest in it's class!!) Hello! I can't wait!!

You can check this baby out and actuall listen to it at !! It sounds ferocious yet smooth!! :)

Awaiting the new HONDA beast,


Ferocious ? it sounded pretty weak to me . Ferocious is a popping banging flame throwing 426. If you listen closly you can tell that the new Honda thumper is a 175 cc mellow cam, with single int. & exh. valves. You can also tell by the tame exaust note that the bike weighs between 284 to 286 pounds dry and the graphics have already wore through. The thing that shocked me is why ? Honda went back to the 23" front rim and a 17" rear, that must account for the head shake I could hear in the sound clip. Other than the fadding plastic and bing carb used it shouldnt be a bad bike for beginers to learn to ride on ,OHHH why did they use ROD IRON for the sub frame and NO AIR FILTER !


I have heard something about this bike too.

Seems like it will be a 450cc w/c engine pushing this bike forward.

I have also been told two diffrent rear suspentions have been tried.

One model with a conventional Fox damper and one with air-suspention.

I tell you: It sounds a bit corny to me !!!

My father has ordered one and it will be no.5 in Sweden.........



Get this honda crap off our 426 forum!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went to and couldn't find the Mystery 4 stroke anywhere. What's this about Fox suspesion and air suspension? You know Honda is either going to use KYB or Showa. Well, if anyone could tell me how to see this thing, I'd love to see what they have to offer. Nothing at though.

Sorry for the intrusion of a DRZ owner, but I could have sworn the Honda site said it's new bike was a 2002 model........right now it looks a lot like a Cannondale......I think they both share the same new stealth body work.

I got the word today that the new CR 450 will be shipped to the Honda factory riders early -01 and to the open marked during the summer.

And You all know Honda ?!? Have they ever keept their promise of "opening" dates.....

The rear suspention storie is apperently only for test at this point.

I know that Honda use Showa and KYB but at this stage its all about roumors i think....


Hate to sound like a Yammie lifer, but I agree this thing sounds week. Very much like a lame XR200.

Take care


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