wr426f help?????????

got the needle out and it really wasnt that messed ur or dirty. still working on the seat its not budging and there isnt much to grab with pliers. been spraying so pb blaster in there to loosen it up. is the needle supposed to move freely in the seat?

Yes, it should fall out on its own if you turn the carb back right side up.

well ive ruined the seat by trying to pull it out by the little exposed brass circle. i still cant get it to move. i can only grab it with real small needle nose pliers. the good news is that while spraying wd-40 type stuff on it to loosen it i noticed that it starting pouring out the swivel inlet so it was diffently the problem. the little strainer was proboly clogged.



got the seat out and man was it clooged up. i think there was a little dead beatle on the strainer too. now ive found the problem i need a needle and seat kit and a heilicoil. how much do u think a dealer would charge me to heailcoil that one stipped out corner?

ordered a new seat and needle set and a yz throttle stop. mine is stock so this bike has never even been ridden to full throttle i guess. called an auto parts store and had them order me a m4 x .7 helicoil kit for me. i think the seat fould up because the bike was sitting around for a little under a year according to the previous owner and i dont think they drained the float bowl.

Great work! And now you will have the satisfaction of knowing what was wrong with it and how to fix it in the future. Or more importantly what to expect when you are cleaning it. I know how frustrating it can be when you don't feel like you are getting anywhere. Glad to hear you got it out, let us know if you need anything when you get the parts in. I would recomend resetting the float height once you get the new parts installed, all that messing around with it could really throw it off, and the new needle and seat will be slightly different than the originals too. Good luck.



I had the same problem on a YZ400F. I think I used an easy-out to get the seat unstuck.

fixed the carb and got the bike running again!:thumbsup: also replaced the stock throttle stop and it made a huge difference. runs good once started but its been real hard to start. i think it has a hard time geting fuel when its cold and ive put the bike on its side so it would flood and that seem to help but once its started and warmed up it runs good. thanks for all the help everyone:thumbsup:

One more thing to try for easier cold starting would be to increase the size of the starter jet. It is only used for the Choke circuit. Hope this helps.


quite a saga! Thanks for the pics and the patience everyone, I know I learned a lot just reading this. :thumbsup:

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