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Sorry to raise another technical question but if anyone will know then you fellas will. I road my bike to work this morning and instead of being on full throttle all the while I obviously had to sit at more of a constant speed due to traffic.

The problem is this. It felt at say 60mph that it was missing or being restricted in some way. (a bit like when your running low on petrol) but not as bad.

Any ideas lads? I am not a techy though I feel I soon will be. The pointy end is the front and the twisty thing in the right hand is the volume control! :)

Taking all other obvious scenarios out of the equation your jetting may be rich. Hesitation when I try to accelerate and the feeling of miss fire happens to mine when I am rich. determine where in the throttle position it happens. 1/8-1/2 is mainly the needle and 1/2 up is usually the main jet but it can be both. I try and keep track of my jetting changes with weather/altitude and develop a history and feel for the bike when it is running right. :)

Cheers Indy for that, I thought it might be the carb or something like running rich but did not and still don't know where to start. Its time to get my hands dirty, after all thats one of the reasons I got the thing in the first place. (Long evenings spent tinkering in the garage)

I don't know what mods its had in its 2 yers of existance, except the Oshiro Can which is obvious not only for its size but the great damn noise. :)

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