Just ordered my new 450!

After careful consideration over the last 2 weeks and no fewer than 3 test rides, I have ordered the wr450 today.

It was a hard choice, but in the end the wr seemed to have a nice feel about it, nice suspension, engine etc.. All 3 bikes felt a whole lot nicer than my current mount and i wouldn't have gone too far wrong with any of them! And the dealership was fantastic, an important component when buying a bike i reckon.

So now I pick up my wheels in 3 days, and can't wait to show it it's new home and get it better aquainted to the local national park..

Thanks for your help too, without this site, I think I would still be confused...It's nice to read glossy brochures full of marketing hype, but it's even nicer to hear from the guys that ride them!

Thanks again,

see you on the posts (and trails!!)


Another soon-to-be satisfied customer. Congratulations! :)

Bailz1, what were the other two bikes you were considering?

It's an awesome bike. Congrats :):D

I was looking at the DRZ and the EXC, both very nice machines, but the yamaha felt the nicest and the exc was starting to get out of my price range..

You better check on the tsb (2003-007). If your bike has not had this done, don't take the bike home. I made the mistake of taking mine home and it's in the shop now after a 4 week wait for the parts(????). The TSB says the procedure only takes about an hour to complete and my bike has been at the shop (Hardings Park Cycle in Canton Oh.) for three days and they can't tell me when I will be getting my bike back. I hope your dealership treats you better. I can't imagine how a dealership stays in business treating their customers this way. And don't bother calling Yamaha's "customer service", they were almost as helpfull as the dealership. Anybody who thinks I'm B.S.'n about this, I'll post a copy of the paperwork when (if) I get the bike back. :D:):D

Thanks for the advice lon...yamaha says the issue was resolved when they arrive in australia, but I will get it checked out just in case...

Good decision you will see this is an awesome machine :D

I will say it again this is by far the best dirtbike around :)

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