Gearing questions 02 WR426F

Noob sprocket questions

I have an aluminum rear sprocket right now, 47 teeth.

I'm getting a new chain, a D.I.D 520VM.

I want a stronger rear sprocket and the bike came with a 52 tooth Ironman rear sprocket in a box. It looks to be in great shape.

The bike has a Renthal 14 tooth front sprocket.

So, if I swap out the 47 tooth for the 52 tooth I'm guessing I'm going to get a bit more umph down low and lose a bit of top end (which I don't really need in the dirt).

Comments? Thoughts?



I run a 13/52 on my 05 and love it. I ride mostly single track and lots of hill climbing. Don't know if your gearbox ratios are the same as an 05.

Thanks, I'll give it a shot!

02 stock it 14/50. I run a 13/50 and love it!

I ran stock 14/50 gearing on my 99 WR400, and it was plenty fast!

14/52 was loads of fun. It is awesome to pull the front up, slowly and progressively in second gear until I off throttle.

I did notice some wear on the chain after 1 day (50 miles). The "gold" came off the tops and bottoms of the links. I cleaned the chain 2 times while riding (and when we were finished of course).

Any idea on where it is wearing? The chain guard maybe?



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