Rev boxes 2003 yz450

Has anyone had any luck with any rev boxes for 2003 - 2005 yz450. Im just wondering i have heard mixed views on them, so if you have one what company and hows it work. Currently running big gun evo r full system, fmf power up kit 155 main clip second position. stage 1 hotcams<just testing>. Wondering how necessary it would be on a setup as such.

rev box as in a box to raise the rev limiter? That I would not do.

You could get an ignition box from someone like Vortex with a 10 step ignition that would probably do more good.

Thanks i guess i will have to check that out.

Just so that you know - Vortex also rises rev limiter. The increase is not huge ( I doubt it is with any regular rev box either) and wont damage anything. At least i have not had any problems.

Yea i have done some research and i see there are a few different ones out there. Now im just wondering if it is really worth it. Still i dont want to spend money on something that is going to malfunction a week down the road. But the vortex i will keep in mind thank you.

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