VIN Number and MFG. Date

Hey Guys!

In one of the other forums, Roostn' said he was told all the 2000 model YZ426F's were built on one day in June. He didn't state whether his source said it was in calendar year 1999 or 2000.

My bike was manufactured on 04/26/00...Yes, that' right... 0426 2000. Ironic, isn't it?

By New York State Law, the manufacturing date is on the title ( so I've been told ).

Some of you requested the Vin Number for tracking purposes of problems. Most are aware of mine. Here is my Vin. Hope it gives you a guideline.


Just food for thought.



YZ426 Kicks

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I'm still confused about the mechanical problems / breakdowns that your bike has had, I reread your post you state

1.Jetting ? ? ? you cant blame jetting on Yammi they cant jet bikes perfect, one might go to the Cali coast and another to Denver, jetting should fall on dealers thats why the charge a set up fee

2. Sitting in 2 feet of water ? ? ? I cant give you this one because a few more inches and your into the airbox also, would that be Yammi fault for sucking water into the carb

3. Clutch chatter ,,, OK this one I agree with you but mine is only when the bike is cold ,and thats not a problem

without listing OTHER peoples problems, what mechanical failures have you had with your bike "please no what if's or maybes"

I'm really not trying to bash you I just read your posts and I want to understand YOUR personal bike problems, because Mine runs great


Doug- I have kept a fairly accurate account of the problems I have seen here, on's thumper central, and on the RMD and I have seen about 5 cases of gearbox failure, maybe 7 or 8 clutch basket failures, 3 reports of rear hub failures, and lots of reports of the carb bog thing. So far I have only experienced the bog and I am thinking (hoping) that maybe 426 owners are talking about their bikes more than other thumper owners are and that out of 5000 426's built this doesn't seem to be all that much of a failure rate. (and I do realize we aren't hearing all the failures here) I also have read several times of owners having these problems and their dealers talking Yam into honoring the warranty even though it was out of warranty. I am still riding mine like I knew I was gonna get squished by a big truck tomorrow, and if I have a problem I look at it as something new to learn and repair. I made it through a complete top and bottom re-build on my YZ250 earlier this year and ended up enjoying the experience. Anyway I have noted very much more praise for the bike than criticism, and when you line up at the gate with that deep throaty sound drowning out all the chain-saws it is worth all the effort you've put into keeping it up.


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