03 WR 450 Blue to Yellow

I just bought a mint 03 WR450 & would like to know what parts (year) I need to change the plastic to yellow like the 50th ann yz450.

If i get a clark tank, I was told I need to 04-06 rad shrouds on it, but will o6 fenders fit? I can get the plastic kit through yamaha with decals for a decent pric.e, is there anyone else who sells this? The front headlite bezal I will just paint semi gloss black as i want to keep the head lite.

any help would be great!


Sorry, no advice but I love that look. I thought about it a little bit for my 05. I think you would have to paint the frame, and go to a black seat and tank to make it look complete. Let us now how it turns out.

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