YZ450F 2010 FI & IG Map Settings?

I tried the woods map on hard paked clay, small indoor sx track. It was like driving a gaint trials bike.... So I changed the map to Yamahas throttle response more gradual, good for slippery conditions. And it was a new bike again. I use the Less hit feeling at low RPM map for outdoor tracks.

These are the maps I put into my power tuner


Edited by Skotten

When you see a problem like that, you need to bring it to my attention so it can be fixed.

I was thinking of geting the gytr tuner .I just put a yoshimura rs4 exhaust on the f/s and I herd that people like the stock map better than the others they tryed. it sounds like it would be a wast of money I realy want to get more power on the top end . I have not road thew bike yet with the new pipe so I will wate till I do some riding but it seams like the engine would run better with a map for a pipe I am sure that the yoshi flows better than the stocker.

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