Finally getting my WR 450

Well guys, after months of going back and forth beetween deciding between WRs and EXCs, I'm finally buying a WR450. I have found a great deal on a one month old bike and will be picking it up this Sunday. The seller even agreed to meet me halfway of the 900 miles which seperate us. The bike comes with a title which has no mention of the bike being "FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY", so i will try to get it registered. Any advice for what I should look for (as far as problems) on an almost brand new bike? I know the woodruff key was fixed by dealer. Well, cant wait to get it and post my review :)



How much did you pay for it?

Congratulations! I hope everything goes alright when you go to pick it up.

I paid $5250

Ask to see a copy of the title.......Mine has a paragraph on it stating offroad only. I find it hard to believe unless it has been altered that this one would be any different.

I have a copy and it looks good. No mention of off-road use only.

Jersey, just emailed you regarding the R4 pipe. As far as checking out the bike (too late now?), look for the stamping next to the VIN that identifies the TSB Yamaha was to perfrom on the woodruff debacle. Other than that the proof is in the pudding (ride it!). You're going to like that bike ! Here in rural CO I ride my street legal WR450 to the grocery store to buy milk. Get yours street legal and show those pretty street bikes what the real deal is.

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