hubs and spokes

After reading the posts concerning hub failures, it ran through my mind that there might be a relationship between spoke tension and the hubs exploding. Like all mindful riders, I have kept a close eye on my spokes and tightened them often when I thought they were a little bit loose. However, I recently invested in a Faast spoke torque wrench and went over both wheels last night. I discovered to my astonishment that my spokes were overly tight. I used a Q-Tip dipped in penetrating oil, swabbed each spoke at the junction of the nipple and the base of the nipple so that I could get proper torque. I'm wondering if some of these hub failures might be the result of over-tightened spokes that pull the hub apart when the rider hits a severe bump?¿. Without the torque wrench, it's so easy to apply far too much pressure to the spokes.

I realize that not everyone can afford the White Brothers wheel sets, but I ordered a pair recently and they arrived two days ago. The Talon hubs, Buchannan Bulldog spokes, and gold anodized Excel rims of these wheel sets are quite striking, not to mention far superior in strength to the stock wheels. I saved about $150 on the set by ordering them thru a shop in Yakima, Washington. I forget the name of the shop but they advertise in all the magazines.

My suspension is in the hands of Mx_Tech at present and I am doing extensive maintenance and upgrades while the bike is apart. Other than the hesitation glitch, I've experienced no other problems with my 426.

While it's fresh on my mind, I had ordered the chain slider/guide/roller kit from TM Designs and talked to the owner for a bit. He told me to inspect the chain slider on top and about in the middle to see if the chain had worn a hole there. The TM kit has a teflon slider that reduces friction and wears much longer. While there wasn't a hole on my slider, there was considerable wear in this area and was fast approaching wearing down to the swingarm itself. He said that many 426 owners had their chain wear through the slider and start cutting a groove into the swingarm. Bummer!

As far as some owners being disappointed with Yamaha's lack of standing behind their products, I can certainly sympathize with them. Larry Roseler, owner of Stroker Speed Equipment, did a stage III motor work for me on a '94 KLX and while in the process of disassembling the engine, discovered that the rod big-end bearing showed signs of galling from a lack of oiling. Evidently, the '94 crankshaft didn't have the oiling holes placed at the correct angles for getting oil into the bearing faces. Kawasaki gave me a '95 crank free of charge. Needless to say, if Kawasaki would build a competitive four stroke motocrosser, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it. Larry handled getting the crank for me at no extra charge. The moral is that when manufacturers,shops,mechanics, a genuine interest in simply doing what's right....and even going beyond what's expected, it makes an impression on the customer and their business success will reflect that. Hey, look at the Yugo!

I do not know about the other guys, but mine shattered at the sprocket mount and no way near the spokes.........



Had you changed sprockets and chain? I installed a set of Renthal sprockets and DID ERT chain. After riding about 2 hours I checked the sprocket bolts and to my horror, 3 had came off and the other 3 were very loose. I replaced the lost 3 and tightened them all as tight as I could and rode for about an hour. They were all loose again. I have since switched to Nylock nuts with lock washers and blue Loctite. No porblems so far.

Do you think your problem might have been the result of an overly tight chain? I've read several posts here that suggest that Yamaha's chain adjustment calls for a chain that is too tight when it is at it's tightest in the swingarm stroke. I'm going to pay closer attention to this from now on. Did Yamaha help you?

I had replaced my chain with a Regina Gold o-ring, but not my sprocket.

My hub and sprocket was sent to Yamaha for check-out but I got my new things way before the result of the test.

The new hub, sprocket, chain-guard and swingarm was sent to me the week after it broke.

When I recieved the results they told me that both the sprocket and the hub was "under the quality mark" and there were never any discussion if Yamaha should should help me or not.

After the first phone call they shipped me the stuff free of charge......

Then off course I had bought my 426 by the legendary Åke Jonsson and everyone that has his mx history in order should know what that guy is about !! (that might have helped)

Numpsy of Sweden

That gives me peace of mind knowing that Yamaha will stand behind the bike should I experience a problem like that. At least, I hope they will.

Was Ake Jonsson a racer from the 70's? Seems like I remember him racing when Bengt Aberg, Brad Lackey etc. were racing. I got to see the Europeans race in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin in 1972. I had hoped that Joel Robert would show up to race but he didn't. Husqvarna's, CZ's, and Monark's were considered exotic machinery at that time. I recall Brad Lackey riding a Yamaha MX60 backwards at the starting line while waiting for his heat to begin. That bike had a square displacement(bore was same as the stroke) and the engine would actually run in reverse, although, not very well. Lackey was putting on quite a show trying to reach behind himself and and operate the controls while riding backwards.

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