Tossing the pre-mix bottle!

I'm new to this board, but I am soon turning blue, tired of fighting against all you guys!! LOL What really sold me was when my bud at the Washougal Nat Am day said "it's like cheating!!"

About me... I mostly Moto and ocassional trail ride but at my age (42) dual-sporting seems pretty cool.


1) Which is better/easier; Making a YZ street legal, (AZ is fairly easy) or making a WR competitive on the moto-track. My bud has a WR and seems to bottom it and break the rear tailight innards. He has recently purchased a YZ fender.

2) Any tips especially during break in?

3) I am getting it for $6060 otd. this seems pretty good, especially since my ol roomie is the parts mgr.

4) When are they coming out?

Thx in advance,


Check out my web pg too;


That seems to be a decent price as I was at a local dealer Wednesday and the WR on the floor had a price tag of $7100. I was shocked since I bought my 426 OTD at $5199. A $2000 difference seems outrageous to me.

Are you planning on mx-ing the WR with all the lights and stuff? If money is no an iusse for you, maybe you could buy aftermarket plastics and just swap them out when you want to MX. I've never considered this since I'm strictly a mx geezer. You can look at past posts here from 426 owners who are making their bikes street legal and get some ideas.

As far as what to do when you first get the bike, numbero uno is to dismantle all the suspension pivots points i.e., swingarm, wheel bearings, steering stem, rear shock mounts..etc..and give them all a good grease job with high quality water proof grease such as Bel-Ray or Silkolene. Personally, I think it's a very good idea to run your engine in two 15-20 minute spurts of easy riding with about an hour of cooldown between. Change your oil and filter(including, cleaning the inline filter at the front base of the frame). I think this gives the engine the best opportunity to properly seat the rings and valves(not based on any real tangible evidence but it WAS recommended by Kawasaki for their Nikasil coated cylinders). I've installed a Scott's permanent type oil filter that has a lower micron rating than stock. I just take it out when I change oil, clean and inspect it, and reinstall. Changing your oil often is the best thing you can do for this bike.

This forum is invaluable for gathering information from other rider's experiences with this bike. The concensus is that the Hinson clutch basket is an almost must-do type of upgrade. I have one ready to be installed soon and will also inspect the primary gear and the straight key way behind it while I'm digging around in the clutch.

Hope this helps.

I considered making my YZ426 dual sport when I first got it, but only for about the first 5 minutes of the first ride. It's way to high-bred IMO for dual sport. And the maintenance would be horrible. It was designed for one thing, and that is flat-out racing, and mainly MX. I do think with the proper gearing it would make a great scramble bike but I wouldn't want to do much dual sporting on it, give me an XR for that any day. And are the WR's that much higher than the YZ's? I got my YZ OTD for 5100 and I've talked to others who have beaten that deal...


I am about to buy a 426. I am still trying to decide. I have aslo been checking prices. I live in western NC and you can buy these bikes straight for $5600 and up out the door. So your dealer is rolling you. most dealers are crappy and dont know much about nothing. I had to learn to work and set up my bike myself. Most of the dealers around here are crooks and never trade a bike in on another unless you have to. They will laugh at you when you are gone and sell it for big profit. I try to buy straight and get out. They are a few good dealers out there to so dont get me wrong but check around and good luck.

Thx for the replys.

What are you still trying to decide on WR YZ?

$5600 is a good price, but by the time I got it shipped to AZ, I'd be close to $6000.00. I've been doing business with this dealer for 12yrs and they have grown to big, but I still have some connections there too. My ol rommate (parts mgr) is GIVING me a complete set of gear boots included. This is hard to pass up.


what about the $5100. bike otd, plz give me a dealer name and location, that I would be interested in.



My 99 WR is on the MX track 98 percent of the time. I converted it to a YZ, except for the gearing. I pretty much changed everything, tank, seat, suspension, motor YZ timing 420 kit, porting, plastic, etc etc etc... If I had to do it again I would get the YZ. These bikes have a definite advantage on starts.

Hey James,

Your from Phx, I live in Mesa. I'm going out to SpeedWorld Sat, if you want to meet me.

#21 CR250

My bud has a 99WR that he mostly motos too, he will be there also.

yea your right, I'm going with the YZ as that's where I'll be doing most of my riding.



Gman- I bought mine from a Kaw/Yam dealer in Siloam Springs, AR, it was his last of the year but if you want more info email me and I'll give you his specifics, he told me the other day that the '01's are on the way... I did find another one for $5400 at another location and it may still be there, but you are right, if you have to pay shipping that would add at least a couple hundred to the price. hmmm in fact if it is still there he may be ready to deal too. Let me know and I'll send you both dealer's info but I'd rather not post them here, let them do their own advertising hehehe.



Did you race Sunday at Speedworld? If so what class? Check out, it's a site devoted to Arizona MX racing. Not sure if I'll be able to make it Saturday, might take the weekend off to rest since this is a long series. 3 rounds down and 7 to go. drop me an email at

Hi James,

I usually run Sr. Master at AMX cuz they only have two 40+ classes.

I'm about to join the AZ Old Timers Assoc. so in there I will probably run 40 Expert B.

Back to winter hrs 8-5pm this Sat.

I still have the CR for now #21 if your out there.


G-Man (Off topic)

I heard that AZ was going to start a chapter for the International Oldtimers MX Assn. have you heard anything on this ? Hope its true I would love to go to AZ to race next year.



In our most recent ROTMX (Riverside Old Timers MX) newsletter, Phoenix and Las Vegas were noted as recent additions to the organization.

Do you race with the Riverside or LA chapters? (or do we still call them chapters?)

Im from Oregon, but I went down and raced the Tulare (stinky) & Marrysville (noisy) rds. and I had a blast.


G-Man hole shot Washougal on a borrowed yellow turd!!!!Watch out if he turns Blue

Hey OldX how's it going, thx for the pix from Shougal, they came out great!

If not for stalling the unfamiliar "Yellow Turd" I would have won that race!

woulda coulda shoulda! LOL

Yea I'm stoked for turning blue, what really convinced me was that weekend at shougal. My bud Dave Harvey has one and I quote "Dude it's like cheating, after the big ski jump you don't even need brakes, just shut the throttle down and braaaaaaap thru the S turns!" Sounds good to me, I'm getting to old to be working so hard on the track!

Yes there is a AZ Old Timer's Assoc. has 55 riders so far and it's only been around for 8 mo.s or so. I have yet to join yet cuz the guy has these HEAVY THICK jerseys that you are required to wear, in Arizona!! I would die in those things! He's only been out here a yr. so he will learn real quick! LOL


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