Fork height in triple clamps ?

What height are some of you guys running above the triple clamp ? I have mine stock or flush, but I know some guys are running them as high as the bars. They say it makes it much quicker turning ie side to side quick turns. I have a damper so high speed stability isn't much of and issue.

I had mine 10mm above the top clamp, but that was too quick so I lowered them to 5mm above the clamp. I also have a stabilizer and raising the forks 10mm seemed to give a loose feeling to the steering.

I've got my 01 WR at 7mm and no noticible headshake at 70 mph. Turning seems to be better but I've only got 70 miles on it since. I'll let you know after this weekend and the Rites of Spring for the Michigan CCC.

I have mine just about up to the bottom of the bars. Handles much better and I don't notice significantly more headshake than stock. However, it still could use a steering stablizer.


15mm raised in the triple clamps with 3.6" of rear suspension sag at the maximum for sand play! Front end gets squirelly in the deep stuff so you just get on the gas when it dives to correct it. No problem elsewhere. Great in tight woods! I would back off to 6 - 8 mm for deep sand if you run that exclusively. Did I say it is great in tight woods! I really like the way the bike turns in when switching from left to right in quick switchbacks when you are flying. Top speed stability is not an issue. Whoops are still smooth. Try it and you wont adjust it back. Damper is a must at these higher settings. :)

Indy, thanks :) I think I'll try 10mm first and take it from there. I still have to put in the new spring, stabilizer,rear fender and sprockets, then I am done ! :D :D Man this work thing is really cutting into my riding :D BTW, what is the sag in MM ?

Hey Scott,

16mm equates to about 5/8" so 15mm is just slightly less than that 0.59055 inches. You will be happy starting with 10mm I was there for about 500 miles before I went further. :)

Hey Scott,

My 3.6" of rear sag is 91.44 mm

Sorry for missing that. :)

I think that 90-100 will be in the ball park now I just need to figure out the setting for when I decide to ride MX :)

It is the same sag setting you just have to change your dampening settings for MX, short of re-valving changes which are permanent. :)

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