Shutting the Bike Off Using the De-Compression?

Hi all,

Took my YZ426 out today to find the kill button had stopped working. I used the de-compression lever to shut it off. Anyone see any problem using this method until I track down the electrical problem?

I was kind of wondering if it might make it hard to start or foul the plug? It seemed to start fine, but this was my first ride on it so I have no benchmark and it is also my first 4stroke so I am not too familiar with this de-compression stuff...

On the bright side - I love this bike, what an awesome machine! :cheers:

Being a 2stroker for 35 years, never thought I would say that about a 4stroke dirt bike :smirk: I am now a believer :moon:

We used to do that with a lot of the old thumpers back in the day, but I don't advise it on a YZF. The battering the lifter gets from this at the 1500-2000 RPM idle speed is a great deal different than what happens at cranking speeds, or even during a bump start. The lifter could be damaged by the practice.

It would be a lot safer to just hold the brakes and dump the clutch to kill it.

X2 just dump it. Manual says not to ever pull the lever while the bike is running.

Right by the top of the motor under the tank ther is a pile of wires .pull the tank and track the wires of the switch righ over the motor they meet and 9 times out of 10 it were the meat there they come unpluged .:moon:

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